Working method

Our working method

The core of our services consists of transforming your business data (about customers, employees, finances and performance) into meaningful insights. Insights that add value to your organisation, so you can make the right decisions and improve your company performance.

Consulytic helps you from a strategic point of view a step further with:

1. The inventory of the already available data within your organisation
2. The visualisation and accessibility of (complex) data
3. The analysis and reflection of the outcomes
4. The sharing of insights so that you can make well-founded decisions

And at the heart of this:
5. Building a long-term cooperation

“Take the right decisions in a growing and changing organisation.”

1. Inventory

A project together with Consulytic starts with a thorough analysis of the already available data within your organisation. Together with you we answer questions such as:

  • Which business data is collected?
  • Why, for what purpose, are these data collected? What do you want to achieve with it?
  • In what format are these data available (or not available)?
  • What insights do you want to obtain based on the business data?

These are often internal data sources (Excel, own software and / or databases). But at this stage we also look at (desired) links with external data sources, such as geographic and statistical data.


The nature of the data can be very diverse, for example data in relation to Personnel (HR) Finance, Sales, Operations, Customer contacts, Production lines, etc. Our team makes an inventory and determines together with you the quality and usability of the data.


Of course, this inventory will take place under strict security and confidentiality conditions. In order to be able to guarantee this, Consulytic sets up a secure environment for each client within which data is exchanged under a non-disclosure agreement.

2. Data visualizations

A picture paints a thousand words. That’s stating the obvious, , and the practice confirms it time after time. Company data from your organisation is transformed into clear visual reports and compared with the organisational objectives.


Consulytic is fully specialised in visualizing data through specially designed dashboards. These dashboards provide you with the insight you need to answer your business related questions. In a few eye strokes you have insight in, for example, the deployment of your staff, your financial performance, your operational characteristics and key performance indicators. And all that in a dynamic online environment with many options to make various cross-sections.


The creation of the dashboards is always supervised by our experienced senior consultants who know what your desired insights are, customised to your organization. Within Consulytic we work with Microsoft power BI. Visualisations are always made available to our clients via a secure environment.

“Experienced senior consultants who have insight into your organization.”

3. Analyzing and comparing the results

For us, supplying the dashboards is not an end. We love to be involved in the discussion on the insights that the dashboards deliver. Insights such as:

  • Am I on the right track with my clients, do I focus on the right target group? What do people spend on average with me?
  • How does reality relate to my objectives?
  • Where can I improve?
  • What criteria do I have to adjust?
  • When and where do I have to adjust?
  • Which critical developments can I identify?


Because our senior consultants have been involved right from the start of the process, it is possible for them to compare these insights to your organisational objectives.

4. Well-founded decisions

We look forward to working with you. You don’t buy a ready-made product. We share insights with each other and, where necessary, discuss adjustments to and extensions on our dashboards.

We provide updates of the dashboards at a frequency that you define (for example, monthly) so that your insights remain up to date. We customise the visualisations completely to your organization. So that you can make well-founded decisions, now and in the future.

5. Partnership

We at Consulytic strive for a longer term cooperation. After all, your organization is on the move and the insights from the visualizations provide both insights and new issues. It is for this reason that we’d like to enter into a long-term partnership with each other. You will experience that our consultants have a direct added value.


With Consulytic you are not facing it alone. We advise you in drawing up your action plans, formulate clear indicators and target values, and guide you in realizing them:

  • Advice
  • Guidance
  • Check / Monitoring


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