The motivation of your employees during the covid-19 pandemic

The motivation of your employees during the covid-19 pandemic

As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, working at home has become a new habit for many. In addition, this situation also brings a lot of stress and uncertainty. This can also reduce the motivation of your employees. Which in turn can have an impact on the engagement and performance.

During this pandemic, it is very important for management to know what is going on with the motivation of their Human Capital and what is going on within the organization. By carrying out an employee satisfaction survey, the motivation of employees can be measured in a systematic way.

The workload, motivation, involvement, personal development opportunities, core values and internal communication are some of the topics that can be measured. An employee satisfaction survey makes it possible to map all these topics in one.

Consulytic takes a step further by converting the results into a visually appealing and informative report or dashboard. This makes the information efficiently and effectively available for further analysis. Also, depending on the size of an organization, the results can be visualized per department. With the results one discovers what is going well and what can be improved in the workplace.

We believe that organizations themselves know best what is needed when it comes to their employees, which is why we draw up the questionnaire together, based on the needs of the organization. Our mission is to help organizations make better business decisions by providing relevant information and guidance.

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