Improve your business with dashboards

Improve your business with dashboards

When you hear dashboard, you’re most likely thinking about your car. At a glance, you can see how fast you’re driving, whether you still have enough fuel and if there might be problems with your engine.

Besides dashboards in cars, there are also dashboards to closely monitor developments within your organization. It can serve as an information system for you as a manager.

With  a dashboard, you get an insight into the current status of your organization at a glance, just like in the car. It is a management tool that allows you to quickly assess whether your organization is still on track. It is clear, easy to operate and centralizes all measuring points available in different data sources. It makes it possible to see at a glance to what extent your business (strategy) delivers the desired results.

Consulytic specializes in visualizing company data through interactive dashboards. We help you discover and unlock the added value of your company(data). We give you insights about the (future) deployment of your staff and resources and outline perspectives for your organization.

Some examples of dashboards we create:

  • Operational dashboards (sales, transactions)
  • HR – Dashboards (employee growth, performance, overtime costs)
  • KPI measurement dashboards
  • Assessment dashboards (competencies)
  • MTO dashboards (employee satisfaction)


On our website you will also find some examples of publicly accessible dashboards (Corona and election results, slave register)

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