HR analytics gives you insights into the impact of employees on your organization!

HR analytics gives you insights into the impact of employees on your organization!

HR analytics – also known as people- or performance analytics – is a method to visualize the impact of employees on the performance of the organizations. For example, by measuring how absents and staff turnover affects the quality within an organization.

HR analytics allows an organization to identify and quantify that impact. This provides insight into the added value of HR processes and HR management. HR analytics can therefore help to make better decisions about human capital (i.e. the employees).

The value of HR analytics is not so much in the data and statistics, but in asking the right questions, researching and analyzing these questions with data, and making a decision based on the correct interpretation of the data.

Consulytic is happy to help you understand the impact of your employees on the organization and in making well-founded decisions regarding your Human Capital. In short: With the help of HR analytics, we help you create more value for your organization.

Some possible results:

  • Dashboards with know and steering numbers (in, through and outflow, absenteeism, salary, costs, training, etc.)
  • Understand the relationship between these numbers (know and steering numbers), sales results and financial results, and overall results of the organization.
  • An overview of investments in your employees and what they deliver
  • Forecasts of trends, risks and opportunities
  • Insight into overtime registration compared to the revenue improvement

This data-driven approach enables HR to improve the job satisfaction and performance of its employees and to improve the performance of the organization.

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