Election dashboard of Suriname

Election dashboard of Suriname

Ever since May 25th, we eagerly await the official results of the Surinamese elections.
As a service to the Surinamese people, Consulytic has tracked and visualized the unofficial results through a dashboard. Whenever new data comes in, the dashboard is updated.

All results, except those of 3 polling stations in Paramaribo, have now been entered.

From the first results it is clear that it is a battle between the big traditional parties:
the NDP, VHP, NPS, ABOP, PL and BEP.

We have analyzed the voting behavior at the 3 polling stations that have yet to come in (at Pontbuiten) and predicted the following:

The VHP will get 20 seats, the NDP 16 seats, The ABOP 8 seats, The NPS 3 seats and the PL and BEP
2 seats each in parliament.

Can this still change?

We do not believe so. About 1480 potential votes still need to be counted at these 3 polling stations (Pontbuiten).
And even if (for example) the NDP gets all these votes, they will remain at 5 seats in Paramaribo. And the same goes for ABOP, this party remains at 2 seats in Paramaribo.

In the case of the NPS, there is still a small chance of reclaiming the lost seat. That would be at the expense of the VHP, but then they would have to get significantly more votes than the VHP, and this does not seem realistic.

Stay informed of the developments surrounding the elections via our dashboard

NOTE: These are the unofficial results based on official data obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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