Data-analysis and objectivity

Data-analysis and objectivity

Traditionally, people are set to look at things happening around them and try to find patterns. Take a simple football game as an example. People can often passionately explain why their favorite team will be victorious at the next football game. To substantiate this, certain arguments are used. Such as the result of the previous matches, the form of the current season and the head to head results of previous seasons. And if memory fails, the data is easily found online, which removes the necessity to build up an own database.

The fact that there are so many websites that store, organize and make this data available to everyone, indicates that there is a certain need/demand for data. Determining the scope of this demand is not an easy task. Yet there is no doubt that there is a demand.

Storing and making data available is something that anyone could basically do. However, analyzing data can cause problems when people have a certain interests in the outcome of the analysis. Take the football game mentioned previously. When your favorite team or player is playing, it becomes difficult to remain objective when doing an analysis, because you want your favorite team or player to win.

Whilst doing data analyses, it is important that the person that does the analysis can remain objective.

From a corporate perspective, this is an additional motivation to place the analysis of corporate data with an external party, in order to ensure objectiveness.

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