Consulytic closely monitored the developments surrounding the coronavirus for two years. In the dashboard below, you can easily follow the course of the coronavirus epidemic (from March 2020 to January 2022).


On Tab 1, based on key figures obtained from the Covid-19 Outbreak Management Team, several indicators were collected to indicate how the coronavirus developed in Suriname from March 2020 to January 2022.


Tab 2 provides an overview of the course of the epidemic in Suriname, surrounding countries, and the Dutch Caribbean.


Tab 3 provides an overview of the course of the epidemic in the Netherlands.


This dashboard was updated daily by the Consulytic team with the latest figures, using reliable sources such as the WHO and various national coordination centers.


The dashboard was developed to provide every citizen with more comprehensive information during that period. Specific target groups, such as doctors, policymakers, etc., could also use these analyses to better respond and optimize support for all of us.


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Due to the large amount of data, it may take some time for the dashboard to be fully visible.


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