Consulytic launches the Statistical Dashboard Suriname and the Netherlands

Consulytic launches the Statistical Dashboard Suriname and the Netherlands

The first (virtual) trade mission between the Surinamese and Dutch business communities on 19 and 20 November was a great success! Encouraged by, among others, ministers Ramdin (SU) and Kaag (NL), several Surinamese and Dutch entrepreneurs got to know each other.

The management of Consulytic also assisted this trade mission by means of a presentation on their own history, as well as with the launch of the Statistics dashboard. This dashboard supports Surinamese and Dutch entrepreneurs in gaining knowledge of each other’s countries.

During the presentation it was indicated that there are differences between Suriname and the Netherlands when it comes to availability, as well as the use of data. In order to be able to do business with each other it is important to get good insights into this.

The Statistical Dashboard is a good example that by means of data visualizations it is possible to provide insights in such a way that a relationship of trust can be established in order to do business with each other!

Visit The Statistical Dashboard here. This dashboard will be regularly updated and provided with interesting new information about Suriname and the Netherlands.

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