About us

About us

Our knowledge in the field of Business Intelligence and our years of experience in business consultancy provide a very valuable combination in the service we offer. Our senior advisors know the working practice of Surinamese organisations and combine this with in-depth knowledge and gained management experience inside and outside Suriname. Our clients consider this to be very valuable.

We are characterized by our professional approach, we go for a long-term partnership. A deal is a deal.

In addition to our branch in Paramaribo, we have an up-to-date network of specialized organisations and advisors in the Netherlands. This allows us to quickly react if external specialism from your branch is required.


Hans van Ballegooij

Senior data analyst and business advisor. Combines a degree in Mathematics (MSc) with a business background and has extensive experience in senior management positions in the Netherlands and in data and consultancy work in Suriname. Hans knows how to execute and manage (complex) data processing.

Ference Ligorie

Junior data analyst, has a financial background and has a lot of experience and skills in processing complex data. He is currently doing the Bachelor IT study system network engineering, which fits well with his current position in the company. Ference is responsible for building and implementing dashboards.

Nila Autar

Junior System Engineer, is in the final phase of her Information and Communication Technology (ICT) study and has a passion for coding. During her studies she acquired experience and knowledge in different programming languages which she uses for various work projects.

Suraksha Hindori

Junior data analyst, has an IT background and is in the final phase of her Bachelor of Science study in business informatics. She has a lot of experience in website and application programming. She is responsible for the layout design and building dashboards.

Narshima Radhakishan

Junior data analyst, with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. During her education, she used various programming languages to analyze and visualize data. She applies this knowledge inside the company to help build dashboards.

Mayra Soemanta

She is a Junior Data Analyst and is in the final stage of her Information and Communication Technology (ICT) studies major in software engineering. Problem solving and doing research are two of her strong points.  These two qualities are also applicable to further grow as a data analyst.

Arnie Lo-Ning-Hing

Senior business advisor, has a business background and gained extensive experience in advisory processes within Suriname, the Netherlands and Curaçao. Arnie has a lot of experience working for various Surinamese (corporate) organisations. As a result, he knows better than anyone how to translate the results of the data analyses into useful advice in the field of strategy and organisation of our clients.


Sebastiaan Baauw

As co-founder of Consulytic, Sebastiaan is regularly in Suriname to share his knowledge and experience with consulytic’s clients and team. His experience is mainly focused on providing insights to organizations with data and data analytics and to be able to make informed decisions afterwards. He likes to connect people and organizations, where he has been very much committed to the connections between Suriname and the Netherlands for over 30 years. Sebastiaan has his permanent working environment in the Netherlands as a partner at Innovatie nul13.

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