3 steps to better insight into your organization

3 steps to better insight into your organization

We are Consulytic!
We help organizations (large and small) discover and unlock the added value of their business (data). We give you insights about the (future) deployment of your staff and resources and outline perspectives for your organization. Perspectives that can be monitored with which you can make informed decisions and shape the future of your organization. We’ll tell you how we do all this in 3 steps.

Step 1. Inventory of the data already available
A project with Consulytic starts with a thorough analysis of the already available data within your organization. The nature of the data can be very diverse, such as personnel data(HR), Finance, Sales, Operations, Customer Contacts or Production Lines. Our team makes an inventory and determines together with you the quality and usability of the data. The inventory takes place under strict security and confidentiality.

Step 2. Data visualization
Data from your organization is transformed into clear visual reports and compared to organizational goals. The goal is to make your data easily searchable and clickable through dashboards specially designed for you. With a dashboard, you can view the information in a given context and make strategic decisions to achieve improved products and services.
Consulytic works with Microsoft Power BI, among others.

In just a few clicks you can see the commitment of your staff, your financial performance or your operational metrics. All in a dynamic online environment with different selection possibilities, which means that many data combinations can be made. The dashboards is always made available to our clients in a secure environment and always under the guidance of our experienced senior consultants who have insights specific to your organization. We also provide updates to the dashboards so that your insights stay up to date. Ask for our subscription plan!

Step 3. Data analysis
With our Business Intelligence (BI) expertise and mathematical skills, we can explore complex datasets to make hidden patterns, unknown correlations and trends  quickly accessible to your organization. Together we discuss insights such as:

• Are you on the right track with your customers, do you focus on the right target group?
• What does your organization spend on average?
• How does reality relate to your objectives?
• Where can you make improvements and how?
• What criteria do you need to adjust to?
• When and where should you make adjustments?
• What critical developments can you identify?

Because our senior advisors are involved from the beginning of the process, it is possible for them to test these insights against the objectives and issues of your organization. A successful analysis program will provide up-to-date and accurate information, not only about past performance, but also about the future. We help customers understand the content, quality, and capabilities of their data while tracking the effectiveness of their processes and strategies and measuring performance.

We at Consulytic are going for a longer-term cooperation
Your organization is on the move and the insights about your performance are too. This is why we would like to enter into a long-term cooperation with you. With Consulytic, you’re not alone. We also advise you in drawing up your action plans, formulate clear indicators and target values and guide you in their realization.
Make the most of the opportunities and possibilities of your data and start a journey to better understand the future of your organization today.

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