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A clearer view of your organisation

A clearer view of your organisation.

We are Consulytic, a PLC registered in Suriname under the name Consulytics.
We provide a unique service in Suriname. We help various (corporate) organisations to discover and unlock the added value of their data.

We give you clarifying new insights about the (future) deployment of your staff and resources and outline perspectives for your organization.
Perspectives that can be used to coordinate activities, with which you can make informed decisions and with which you can shape the future of your organisation.


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  • Is the number of eligible voters at your address correct? You can quickly check this via our dashboard. For the upcoming elections in Suriname, Consulytic decided to visualize the election dates from 1949 to the present day via a dashboard. The dashb...

  • The elections are near and according to the Surinamese Constitution, all who have a Surinamese nationality and 18 years or older are allowed to vote. This indicates that those who were not born in Suriname, but do have the Surinamese nationality and ...

  • The corona crisis affects us all, and certainly the businesses and entrepreneurs. We are forced to think beyond our fixed patterns and structures, which creates a new reality. And even if the duration is unknown, what we do know is that the well-bein...



  • Recently, Consulytic carried out an employee satisfaction survey within DSB (De Surinaamsche Bank). On Wednesday 12 February, the results were presented to DSB’s management. The aim of the research was to examine the experience of DSB employees...

  • Surmac is one of the 14 operating companies of C. Kersten & Co. N.V., a concern that has been active in Suriname for 246 years. As Caterpillar’s sole representative, they have been making an important contribution to the sustainable develop...

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