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We are Consulytic, a PLC registered in Suriname under the name Consulytics.
We provide a unique service in Suriname. We help various (corporate) organisations to discover and unlock the added value of their data.

We give you clarifying new insights about the (future) deployment of your staff and resources and outline perspectives for your organization.
Perspectives that can be used to coordinate activities, with which you can make informed decisions and with which you can shape the future of your organisation.


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  • Having a good ICT infrastructure is necessary for all companies. Unfortunately, it is often not possible for small companies to pay much attention to this. Reasons for this include: Lack of knowledge or capacity to set up and then maintain the ICT in...

  • When you hear dashboard, you’re most likely thinking about your car. At a glance, you can see how fast you’re driving, whether you still have enough fuel and if there might be problems with your engine. Besides dashboards in cars, there a...

  • As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, working at home has become a new habit for many. In addition, this situation also brings a lot of stress and uncertainty. This can also reduce the motivation of your employees. Which in turn can have an impact......



  • For NV Samenwonen, a modern parcelling project located in Commewijne, Consulytic has developed a dashboard that gives an overview of the (status) different parcels. This dashboard contains information such as the surface area of the lots and whether ...

  • The Independent Electoral Office (OKB)  is the organization in Suriname that oversees the elections and which declares the result of the election binding on society. The OKB is also responsible for issuing a final report of the elections within two m...

  • Last year, a “Culture Change Program” was implemented within Staatsolie in which a large group of employees participated. At the end of this program, Consulytic, assigned by Staatsolie, carried out a Culture Survey to measure how the empl...

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